One heck of a grocery list…

A little confession: I don’t shop on base. I don’t shop at the commissary. Something about the fact that there is a dress code and they tell you what line to stand in…{I would never dress inappropriately to go grocery shopping but I want the ability to wear flip flops and a tube top if I ever felt like it, darn it.}

The best way to get me to shop at the commissary? Move me to a third world country that has no (affordable) dairy and tell me I can fill out my grocery list in my PJ’s.

We were just told that our first food shipment will arrive when we will-which means that we need to fill out our first food request (I don’t know what the list is actually called) in July. So, prior to getting to the country and prior to figuring out exactly what we will need and how long food lasts (we have heard rumors about the humidity molding everything very quickly!), we have to put together a list of food to last us through Thanksgiving. Yikes.

I have never felt so anxious about filling out a grocery list!  I know we won’t go hungry and I am pretty flexible about what I can/will eat (I could eat rice for every meal and be a happy camper…) but I don’t want to be forever remember as the family who had to borrow butter for our Thanksgiving rolls!

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