But you said Military Hiring Preference!

Interesting article over on SpouseBUZZ…two thoughts: 1) I would NEVER ask my employers the questions about how they deal with military spouse {I take a don’t ask, don’t tell policy when it comes to disclosing my military “dependency.” and 2) it is always good to get feedback that we are all often in the same boat.

Also, military wives that work in a licensed or certified job field: leave your feedback about how the military could help you deal with job portability issues…

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Making Space

Our house looks more and more like we are moving soon. There are the empty spaces where we took books off the shelf to sell at the garage sale. There are boxes full of clothes to donate and empty drawers where winter gear used to be.

Cleaning out this space we call home now is cathartic. There is change and purging in my life, too. My police certification (good for two years after I leave a department) expired today. And we signed our foster parent termination papers with our social worker.  Closing the door on what has been my identity for so long on the same day that we officially put the “not now” stamp on our adoption plans is far more challenging that throwing away physical items. 

But, like with the sweaters and gloves that have been emptied from the closet, there is an empty space waiting to be filled with something new. Something different and exciting. Something more appropriate for the direction we are pointed in now. Some spaces will remain empty, like the extra chairs at our table, waiting until timing, circumstance and divinity work together to allow us to grow our family. But, in letting go comes new opportunities. 

And I am getting ready…

{Guyana} Tour of a Lifetime


I will admit it: when we were going through my husband’s list of potential jobs and their locations, we had to Google Guyana.

Yep, we had to look up the place that will be our home for the next two years. There wasn’t alot of information online, no slick marketing campaigns and no travel blogs with lots of great information. And while one of the things that most excites me about moving here is getting to experience living where commercialism hasn’t completely taken over, I am excited about the recent recognition that is bringing Guyana to the public eye.

Both Outside and National Geographic Traveler magazine are recognizing Guyana as their top adventure spots in recent issues. While most people only recognize Guyana for one thing (if they recognize it at all…), the media has been recognizing Guyana for its emphasis in the last couple of years on the eco-tourism industry. Traveler magazine also recognized the Surama Eco-Lodge as one of the 2011 best hotels to stay in South America.


In the May/June 2011 issue of National Geographic Traveler, Guyana tops the list of Best Tours list for this year. The highlighted tour is with Wilderness Explorers and Traveler shares this about the tour:

Most Guyanese live on the coast, leaving the country’s interior largely untouched. Travel deep into the remote Guiana Shield via small plane, canoe, 4x4 pickup truck, and the occasional bullock cart to discover one of the last unspoiled rain forests on Earth. You’ll stay at Amerindian-owned lodges along the way and experience indigenous culture. Wilderness Explorers: “Amerindian Guyana,” 16 days; $4,236.

On the cover of Traveler, it claims that these are Tours of a Lifetime. And while we aren’t even there yet (and we will live and spend most of our days in the less adventurous “big city” of Georgetown,) I have to say that I already agree that we are truly going on a tour of a lifetime.

It’s the End of the World as we know it (and other songs)

Since I know most of us didn’t make any plans for the evening after 6pm, here are some little gems to let you take up some of that extra time laughing.

PS- I am so glad the world didn’t end! I made some good moola at my pre-move yard sale and I have new junk to buy before our pack out!  Yeah!

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